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Border Songs

Border Songs - Jim Lynch I started this book a couple of years ago and for some strange reason couldn't get into it. So I put it aside. It kept staring me down when I looked at my "to read" pile and so picked it up a couple of days ago to try again. This time, I couldn't put it down!!

What a quirky, character driven story. It probably helped that I know the area in which the book is set, so had some familiarity with the geography. I've also heard a lot about the subject line from the news.

I loved Brandon too! He sounds like a truly pure person. Kind hearted and relatively unaffected by the negativity of life. Give him some birds to watch, some media (stick, stones, paint) to "play" with and he's more or less content. A little confused by the "masks" worn in the world perhaps, but basically unscathed.

The other characters are interesting as well, on both sides of the border. I enjoyed this read a lot and look forward to reading Mr. Lynch's other book.