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The Princes of Ireland

The Princes of Ireland - Edward Rutherfurd Phew, that was a long read! Unlike The Pillars of the Earth, it was not always an easy read. I waffled a bit between giving it three or four stars, but ultimately decided that the wealth of historical information contained within, merited the higher rating.

The book covered somewhere in the vicinity of 1000 years of Irish history; I had no idea there was such a strong Viking history in Ireland! It was definitely interesting to delve into the history of the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants, particularly because I had a very Protestant, Irish grandmother!! The Celts, all the Irish Chiefs, St. Patrick, the birth of Dublin, Strongbow and King Henry VIII, it's all in there!

I'm looking forward to more history in The Rebels of Ireland, but will take a a break from history for a bit, and read something a little lighter, both figuratively and literally!!