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Blade of Grass

Blade of Grass - Lewis DeSoto To say that I enjoyed this book wouldn't be fully accurate. It was a tough read at times. However, I found the book engrossing and stimulating and inspiring of gratitude for the fact that I was fortunate enough to grow up in a country with a strong sense of human rights (although not always well practiced) and justice for all.

There were parts of the book that seemed a bit out of sync and perhaps disjointed but on the other hand, I suspect that the times written about (South Africa during the fight to end Apartheid) were nothing if not confusing and riddled with unimaginable occurrences.

The story is ultimately one of strength and courage and the foraging of bonds that go against societal edicts. It was not predictable and the ending was, to me anyway, appropriate for the trajectory of the story. It kept me fully engaged and wanting to read more.

This is a story that makes you think.