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Let the Great World Spin

Let the Great World Spin - Colum McCann What an excellent book!!! Some reviews found the characters to be too common and one-dimesional. I completely disagree! These characters were very well written and with so many layers. Depending on who was in the first person in a given chapter, we were privy to that character's thoughts, which were often completely different from how they presented in conversation. And each character seemed to have such a distinct voice through the change in writing style. I raced through Claire's chapter, as the writing was so quick and clipped to reflect the rapid thoughts running through her head. I also liked how the holes in one person's story were often filled during someone else's.

All in all, these were well thought out characters who were bearing their own burdens in their own way. A lot of profound wisdom was subtly conveyed through an amazingly easy writing style. I loved it!