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Alone in the Classroom

Alone in the Classroom - Elizabeth Hay I really enjoyed this book. It was kind of summed up near the end (no spoilers) when the narrator says she started writing about Parley, which lead to Connie, which lead to Michael and the rest of the people she wrote about.

This book covers a whole variety of things, conquering ones fears, hopeless relationships, moving to new places and trying to fit in and what to do when terrible things happen. I had trouble at times, following who was related to who, but this didn't really interefere with the story at all. She jumps around a bit, which kind of reminded me of how my mind works. I was engaged and interested from the start and all of my questions were answered sufficiently throughout. And that is all I require when reading a book.

This was the fourth Elizabeth Hay novel I've read and I've liked them all (Late Nights on Air is still my favourite though). If you are looking for sizzling action and/or fast-paced story lines, you may want to try a different book.