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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult I really enjoy a book that makes me frustrated and angry that I have to go to work instead of finishing the book!! :)

In my job, I have a secondary duty as the Ethics Officer, so I've done a bit of study in the area. The one thing that I've gleaned from this role is that a true ethical dilemma is one where there is no good outcome, but that a decision needs to be made that will do the least harm for the most people. This book presented such a scenario.

I LOVED the parallels made in Luke's voice to his experience with wolves and humans and how as humans, we have feelings and emotions rather than just a practical existence. When you throw feelings of guilt into an already emotional situation, well, the ethical dilemma just takes on a whole new dimension!

I read other reviews that talk about the characters being boring. To me though, the lack of "excitement" in these characters merely accentuates the ethical dilemma. These are ordinary people faced with an extraordinary decision. That, to me anyway, is far from boring and Ms. Picoult really does a good job with the questions that arise.