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The Imposter Bride

The Imposter Bride - Nancy Richler I found this book to be interesting as I was reading it, at least in the context of Ruth, the daughter of "Lily", Ruth's mother and the imposter referred to in the title. Lily's sections though, seemed a lot more superficial in some aspects, but engaging and heart-warming in other aspects -- hard to explain.

There is reference to a diary made throughout the book, as well as to an empty notebook that no one wants to write in. I wasn't sure I was getting all these references to the notebooks and kept trying to figure out what the whole signifigance of Lily's past really was. I actually considered giving up on the book a couple of times because I wasn't really gettting it.

Suffice it to say that I perservered and am glad I did, as all my questions/concerns about what I was reading, were cleared up at the end. I my opinion, the book was fully explained in the last few pages, and bulb of my dim brain (not really - but I was starting to wonder on this one) became fully illuminated!

Overall, I enjoyed the book and am glad stuck with it until the end.