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Perdita - Hilary Scharper Review take II... I wrote a great one on my iPhone, but accidentally deleted it when trying to correct my typos; now I struggle...

I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway -- thank you Goodreads -- and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Garth Hellyer, a researcher for the Longevity Project discovers a woman, Marged Brice, who claims to be 134 years old. When he visits her, he finds that she has remarkable eyes and the appearance of someone much younger, but he is highly skeptical of her claim to be so old. Marged just wants to die. Marged convinces Garth to read her journals in hopes that this will convince him that she is as old as she claims and also that through his help, she may finally be able to leave this earthly existence. So begins the story of Perdita.

The story is told in the present through the voice of Garth and in the past through Marged's journals. Marged's voice, through her journals, seems so genuine and historically real, that on more than one ocassion I found myself checking my Wiki app to see if these people really existed! The writing of the journals section painted vivid pictures both in the description of Marged's surroundings, wherever she was, as well as of the artwork she was seeing and/or creating. It was done in such a seemingly true Victorian voice that it's hard to believe they were written recently!

The middle section of the book was a wee bit draggy and I found myself wishing there was more written in the present. However, these were very minor complaints as overall, the book kept me enthralled and turning pages. I particularly enjoyed the references to the classics and the story of Perdita from Greek Mythology.

I highly recommend this book, when it is released on April 16th, 2013. I also share the sentiment that a follow-up book that continues the story, would be welcomed!!