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Y - Marjorie Celona This is a story about a young girl who starts life on the doorstep of the Y, abandoned by her Mother right after being born. We taken on a journey of discovery to find out why Shannon's life started at the Y.

There are some squirmy bits in Shannon's life for sure. But there are also some great insights here as well. One quote I particularly liked is "you can really f*** up in your life. You can f*** up and then have things be okay". Life may not be perfect, but it's life and it's what we make of it. We can choose to be stuck and defined by our circumstances and actions or...

For me though, the thing that I loved most about this book is being able to so clearly imagine the geography, because I live and work where the book is set. As Ms. Celona describes Vaughn's drive in from Langford at the beginning of the book, all along Douglas street and up to the Victoria Y, I know EXACTLY where these places are. I used to work out at that Y! Finlayson Arm Road and Goldstream Park are in one of the most beautiful forests you'll ever find but the road is so steep and winding, with giant trees and only one lane in parts, but with two-lane traffic and a very precipitous drop off on some of the hills. It can set one's heart a flutter!!