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Stanley Park

Stanley Park - Timothy Taylor Apart from making my mouth water, I found this book to be quite engaging from a geography point of view as well. It may help that I've spent a lot of time in Vancouver. I loved Jeremy's non-conformist-forced-to-conform-so-I-get-to-be-rebellious-in-my-own-unique-way spirit as a chef as well and his dedication to cooking as an art form.

My complaint with the book however, is in relation to how the Stanley Park side of the story plays out. Someone else mentioned that the two story lines seem quite unrelated. I agree whole-heartedly. Also, the whole business with the expensive knives -- lost, found, traded -- and the red, seemingly bloody knife on the cover seemed to be too underplayed. I kept waiting for more to come up in that vein. Olli, Margaret and Trout's storyline was also a bit underwhelming.

Overall though, this is an enjoyable book. Lots of visual writing, which I love, somewhat varied characters and lots of talk of food!