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Nineteen Minutes: A novel

Nineteen Minutes: A novel - Jodi Picoult Are we guilty based solely on our acts or does how our environment shape us become culpable in what we do?

This book takes a look at the effects of bullying on a teen who then goes to school with four weapons, kill ten people and injures nineteen, all in the space of nineteen minutes.

Peter is a sensitive boy is the target of the bullies in his school, bullies who started in on him the first day of kindergarten and never let up for the entire duration of Peter's school life. Humiliation defined Peter. Josie is the one light in Peter's life, but that light does not always shine so brightly.

Once again, Jodi Picoult takes a look at a situation from both sides, showing/suggesting there is a strong relationship between cause and effect. Questions are raised about the knowing right from wrong and at what age that exists.

All in all the story is well-presented. The ending, while totally reasonable, left me feeling a bit flat though. Maybe it's just a bit of sadness that the situation is all too real these days!!!