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Shine Shine Shine

Shine Shine Shine - Lydia Netzer Holy collection of quirky characters batman!! It almost seems as though there is too much "weirdness" contained in this book. That being said, I think society as a whole is a lot more "weird" than it appears on the surface. That is kind of an underlying message of this book, what is more important, appearances and what society thinks of us, or one's true, "naked" self?

The story revolves around Sunny and Maxon and their history together. They have a fully autistic son and Sunny is pregnant with their second child. Maxon, who is definitely on the autism spectrum himself, is a nobel prize winning designer of robots, who is has been sent to space by NASA, to set up a robot colony on the moon. The rocket gets hit by a meteorite though, which makes for some serious drama. Sunny is home dealing with her pregancy, her dying mother and the fact that she has been "unmasked" in an unexpected way. Sunny and Maxon rely heavily on each other in many different ways, but now with Maxon lost in space, what does that mean for the two of them, for their son Bubber and for their unborn child?

The story jumps around a lot through flashbacks and doesn't fully answer some of the questions forming in my brain. It's still an interesting and fresh story though and I enjoyed it. I probably would've enjoyed it more if I hadn't managed to soak the bottom third of the book in diet coke, but it was good!!