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Charming Billy

Charming Billy - Alice McDermott Part of me loved this book due to the writing style but part of me also hated it due to the writing style. There was another review that likened the writing style to a sculpture. I think that is very apt. I found at times that I could just not follow the circles that were being spun within the prose and just wanted at straight, simple, direct paragraph. Other times I thoroughly enjoyed that poetic, lyrical style.

As for the story, I liked it. Some of the characters weren't clear and I started off believing that this was a story about Billy, the recently deceased, raging alcoholic. However, to me, the story was really about Dennis and Maeve, with Billy being the link that joined them together. I also REALLY want to visit Long Island!!

All in all, I would recommend the read and will seek out other works my Ms. McDermott. Just be prepared for re-reading certain passages several times over.