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The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

The Woman Who Walked Into Doors - Roddy Doyle Another reviewer stated that this book, while only 224 pages, was actually a very slow read. I have to agree. This book is the story of an abused woman named Paula Spencer and is at times very hard to get through. I almost didn't finish it. I found myself wanting to reach into the pages and rescue Paula and make her realize that she is not the cause of what is happening to her and that she is as worthy of a good life as anyone else in the world.

The last book I read in this sort of league was A Thousand Splendid Suns. While the ending is somewhat redemptive, the path there is just a sad reminder of the fact that while a work of fiction, the book is reflective of some people's reality. The major positive of the book is that it is a great lesson in gratitude for the basically calm and loving life that I have the pleasure of participating in!

The writing style was very interesting though. I really liked how Doyle repeated certain "thoughts" and also the reflective quality of the story. That, I think, was what really kept me coming back to finish the book. I understand that there is a sequel to this book called Paula Spencer, which I will make and effort to find and read. It has to be that Paula is taking control of her life! I like the writing style enough to want to read more of Mr. Doyle's words.