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Three Day Road

Three Day Road - Joseph Boyden I recently picked up Through Black Spruce to read and told a fellow "bookie" friend about my plan to read it. She asked if I'd read Three Day Road; I had not. That is how I got to this book, as she suggested that Through Black Spruce (which I'm starting tonight) would be better read after Three Day Road.

What a powerful book! I'm not normally one to read/watch such vivid war stories -- not sure I'd watch the movie version of this book -- but this book, while graphic in detail is compelling in the story. I really liked how the story moved back and forth between the "present" with Auntie and then the history that led up to the present day. Xavier and Elijah's relationship is very strong and Auntie's character is very strong.

The story is a great character study but it is also a great history lesson! I can't imagine how anyone was able to return from WWI combat action and still maintain a semblance of sanity!!

I strongly recommend this read and I am very much looking forward to starting Through Black Spruce and anything else written by Joseph Boyden (I was tempted by The Orenda today but will wait for the trade paperback, and until my pile dwindles down a bit!!