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The Color of Home: A Novel

The Color of Home: A Novel - Rich Marcello I almost gave up on this book after about 50 pages (a friend once told me that if a book doesn't grab you by the time you reach the same page as your age, it's okay to pitch it!), but decided to persevere, since I received a free copy through a Goodreads giveaway (THANK YOU!!!). I'm so glad I did.

This is a great love story, free of schmaltz, full of introspection and great wisdom for life, for all! It's about getting real with yourself, peeling off the layers and getting to the centre of the onion!! It's also about that once in a lifetime kind of love we all dream about, and have hopefully found for ourselves.

The book is infused with music and food as well, I loved that part. I've also discovered that all of the lyrics written by the characters of the book, are set to music on the author's soundcloud page (http://soundcloud.com/Marcellorich).

I got some great ideas for my own life from this book, in particular, don't just live in the middle between life and death. Live, really live your life! This book will remain with me for a very long time. I highly recommend the read!