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A Song for Issy Bradley: A Novel

A Song for Issy Bradley: A Novel - Carys Bray I won this book in a goodreads giveaway (thank you goodreads!) and am glad to have had the opportunity to read it.

Keeping with the theme of the title, there were two striking notes to this "song" book. The first, was the fallout in a family, when a young child dies. The second is the constraints of a highly controlling, highly misogynistic religion, particularly when one family member is new to the faith (Claire became Mormon after meeting Ian, who'd grown up in the church) and one is highly involved as a "bishop" (Ian is the equivalent of a minister/priest). When these two notes form to make a chord, well, let's just say there can be some serious discordant "music"!!

I've read "dealing with life after loss" books. They often focus on finding a way back to some sense of normalcy. This books is along those lines but I found the backdrop of a strict Mormon faith to add a fascinating element. I am not a huge fan of organized religion, particularly those religions that seem to oppress and "punish" (and by punish I include the threat of eternal damnation) as this most devout aspect of this faith seems to do. I really dislike religions that make women out to be baby-makers and servants more than fully equal human beings (wasn't Eve created from Adam's rib to not be above or below him?)!! I often wonder what it must be like for children to grow up in such a devout, unwavering environment, especially when they go to secular schools. This book really deals with these issues well, I think.

Rants and personal beliefs aside, I loved this book. It will be one I think about for a long time to come. I'm not sure I'm any wiser as to why people choose to follow certain faiths so blindly, but I'm left feeling hopeful that sometimes blinder angles can be shifted, even if only slightly!