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And the Mountains Echoed

And the Mountains Echoed - Khaled Hosseini I just finished this book and turned on the TV. About a Boy was on, a movie about a friendship between Hugh Grant's character and a young boy who's kind of lost. Their relationship blossoms into what can only be described as family; an odd, quirky, completely unconventional family. This book is also about families, somewhat unconventional families, and how bonds are forged, willingly, unwillingly, by blood, by association and by memory.

The book starts off with Abdullah and his relationship with his younger sister Pari. Abdullah is a few years older than Pari is is almost more like a parent to her than a brother. He loves her completely. Abdullah's life is deeply affected by the decision his father makes when Abdullah is ten. The decision seems to affect his father as well. The book then goes on to examine the lives and families of several characters that play a part in the story, although not necessarily with Abdullah directly.

The way this book is laid out is almost like a collection of short stories. Each story has a different narrator who gives us insights into the their family, how they were raised, their feelings on life, love and the family/friends they have. We get to see how thoughts evolve and views change.

There is a common thread running through the book that is maintained, which definitely held my interest. However, I really enjoyed the stories and insights of the various characters. Mr. Hosseini has a great way with his characters and getting inside their heads. The characters "thoughts" were all so unique and really left me feeling like I got to know them.

Moral of the story... I loved this book!