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The Empty Room

The Empty Room - Lauren B. Davis I finished this book just after hearing about the passing of Robin Williams. I can't help but draw parallels between the sadness and misery of severe depression and that of severe addiction. The two are so incredibly related. The feeling of powerlessness is completely overwhelming and sometimes, the only solution seems to be to kill the misery. Unfortunately for some, the death of misery is also the death of a life.

This book captures that kind of searing misery, the supreme despair that is found at the bottom of a bottle and heavily laden with demons and denial. It is said that an addict of any stripe needs to find their bottom before they can crawl out of the pits of their personal hell. Ms. Davis does an incredible job of taking us on the last crawl to the bottom for Colleen, the protagonist of this book. I suspect this is largely due to her own experience at the bottom.

For anyone whose ever struggled with alcohol or has been related to someone whose struggled with alcohol, they'll understand the pain of this book and will likely find it as incredible and disturbing as I did!!!