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Small Wars

Small wars - Sadie Jones

When I was in the Military in the '80s, Canada had a contingent of peacekeepers in Cyprus.  I never really understood the crisis there, and why peacekeepers were needed.  This book does a good job, I think, examining that situation, but more importantly, it examines the effect of trauma on individuals, especially the trauma of battle.


I read some reviews that thought that some the story was too weak and/or that the ending was disappointing.  I don't know about that.  I must admit, it didn't end the way I was expecting but certainly, in the 50's, PTSD wasn't even called PTSD and soldiers, officers in particular, were expected to 'buck-up' and Carry-on!  I think Ms. Jones captured quite well, the struggle and crisis of conscience that a soldier, officer or otherwise, would face in such a situation.


Maybe having been in the military helps, but I really enjoyed this book!