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The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt

What an interesting story and like another reviewer mentioned, what a great basis for a Coen brothers movie!!


I really waffled between giving three and four stars for this book.  The writing is excellent, I loved the short little chapters and there isn't a lot of wasted "breath" to set the scene.  Each chapter gets to the heart of the matter in relatively short order.  I really like too, how the main characters, while criminals, aren't complete thugs.  Rather, there's a conscience in both of them, more so in Eli.  Eli's relationship with Tub is quite fun (poor Tub) and the conversational aspects are quite good too.  What the heck is that formula anyway??


The reason though, why I chose to stick with three stars is that the ending kind of left me a bit flat.  I'm not sure why; I'm thinking it would be better on screen.  The visuals, if done well, would be quite stunning in a movie version of the book.


It is likely going to be a movie though.  I read that John C. Reilly (Will Farrell's "Step Brother") optioned it and wants to star in the film.  I would definitely go to see the movie!!  I did enjoy the book though and would recommend it.