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The Cure for Modern Life

The Cure for Modern Life - Lisa Tucker

While highly implausible and a little bit preachy, this was a simple book that was easy to read and kept me engaged.


Other reviews commented that the characters were annoying.  I don't know about that, I did however, find that a lot of the premise between Amelia and Matthew was based on unresolved feelings and hurt and so typical of many a rom-com movie!  I don't for a second buy the scenario with Matthew and the "kiddies", but hey, books are all about escapism!


It's far from Pulitzer material but this book was good enough to keep me reading.  I actually found some of the drug company stuff kind of interested, especially the whole "Pain Matters" piece.


Moral of the story, if this book were made into a movie, I'd watch it and likely enjoy it! Sappy and schmaltzy to the end!